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Reflected Blackheaded Gull

Reflected Blackheaded Gull

Hares glorious hares

I'm a bit of an outdoors person and there is no better time than summer to get out and enjoy the Great British countryside. I tend to target a lot of what I photograph as if you don't target then your more likely to be in bed on Sunday morning enjoying some duvet time. For the last few years I have had a fairly ambitious schedule for British Wildlife and used to travel to all corners of our great nation to find and photograph our wonderful species. Through the majority of that time the European Brown Hare has alway taken my eye somewhat...and is one of my favorite mammals here is the Wild Isles of Britain.

Backlit brown hare at dusk, North Norfolk

This latest diary entry shows my intial attempt of photographing this wonderful mammal in North Norfolk when I was required to get up at silly o'clock and drive for an hour and half to make it to hare locations before sunrise. This approach is not so bad in Winter but as soon as summer arrives and dawn is at 4:30 this normally results in a grumpy photographer and a power nap an hour after sunrise. I have photographed hares in a lot of different conditions including rain, snow, sleet and my favoured condition of hoarfrost.

'Hare in Hoarfrost 2' in North Norfolk

In hoarfrost everywhere looks completely different and is magical in nature - these sorts of conditions are rare in the UK and hardly ever fall on weekends.

Backlit brown hare

Hare in crop

Hares chasing in falling snow

After spending three seasons photographing hares in Norfolk I changed my approach to finding more local hares closer to home so at a moments notice I had the ability to choose the correct prevailing weather conditions that suited hare photography.

For me this resulted in me being able to spend more time with my subject at a moments notice and also keep up with my fitness training!

'Old Big ears'

'Mating hares at dusk'


So....this brings me to this year and to last week in fact where over the course of two 2 hours sessions (on different days) at a favoured location after going down the gym and lifting weights I was able to get some quite lovely photographs!

'Fancy footwork'

'Two Brown hares'

Young hare eating greens!

Golden Hare at dusk

Brown hare at last light

I hope you've enjoyed the selection of hares that I have posted up to my latest diary entry.