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Winter Fen

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Hello and welcome to my first blog of the year...

Its seems like a long time since I created a diary entry ... and I have been really busy with my day job and getting myself back into better shape. I kind of think that to get those really really good photographs fitness, strength and endurance is really important. I started lifting weights and keeping really fit from my first year at University and did so till my early 30's when I picked up a camera again for the second time. My photography through the initial years was really targetted and I was out a lot with little or no time for anything else (my fitness training continued but to a lesser extent). I have noticed over a few years that my fitness and strength have diminshed a litle and have resulted in me picking the ball up again to continue with my strength and fitness as I feel it is intergral to my photography. This allows me to go the additional mile to get what I would consider a better photograph that is a bit more original. In my photography my aim is to capture different places and subjects and be able to put my own stamp on them i.e. making them my own as I feel a lot of photographers create a lot of similar shots and I really want to move away from that (although its not always possible).

Since the beginning to the year I have been back to Isle of Skye, Northumberland, Cairngorms and more recently Dorset. I have also taken opportunities closer to home around Market Deeping, Spalding, Crowland, Woodwalton and Wansford to work on photographs that are more personal. In particularly for the last two to three years I have been increasing my coverage of 'wild flowers' and have been working on projects such as 'my local river'. Last years weather (2013) was brilliant for wildflowers but equally it was great to find some Great Crested Grebe families and more recently on my birthday (Late May - yes I'm a Gemini!! Apparently this means that I'm Energentic, clever, imaginative, witty, adaptable but impulsive, restless, devious & indecisive. Also it says I'm extremely independent and will not be pinned down by anyones rules...no comment!) I had a lovely grey heron and beautiful european brown hare (more on those in my next diary entry).

Black headed gull flying along river at dusk

Bluebells at old Sulehay

Chaser on bellflower, taken on the Somerset Levels

Crested Tit on lichen branch, Cairngorms

Orchids (I think Marsh) taken at Castor Hanglands

Mating Gannets, Southern Ireland

Puffins on Skomer, Wales

Moonlight Sonata, Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye

Old Man of Storr Lake misty reflection, Isle of Skye

Stac A Phris Atlantic Arch, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

Young Grebes out for a ride, between Market Deeping and Crowland

Brown Hare, near Crowland

Grey Heron taking off

Windflowers at Old Sulehay

I want to say that if you've got this far thanks for looking at my images. If your interested in any of the above images please send me an email.

Many Thanks