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Elk river crossing

Elk river crossing

Warm autumn

Autumn has been unusually warm this year (2014) in the United Kingdom. I heard today that its one of the warmest Novembers on record too. This year I had decided to take photographs of autumn locally and also within the Yorkshire Dales national park which is a bit of a break from the norm as I normally head north to Scotland for the amazing autumn colours there that leaves me breathless. The below photograph is from one of the glens that has beautiful colour.

I took a bit of a break from my photography this summer although still got out to photograph some of my local hares.

This year there have been a lot of berries on the trees and quite early on. Friends have told me that this means it will be a cold winter although they said that last year too. We will get what weather we get and that is it.

As it has been warmer flowers have been holding on a wee bit longer too than normal such as the Nettle Bellflower shown below.

It is alway a priviledge to photograph subjects in good light.

As the seasons have changed, the colour of Autumn has changed the leaves on the trees from green to yellow to orange. I have kept a strict eye on the weather looking for misty, foggy & colder conditions. I was pleased to be able to get quite cold conditions in October with dew encrusted webs and mist around some trees I visit on a local fen.

Changing from wide angle to telephoto I was able to concentrate on shapes and details within the landscape.

I have also been working on Fungi with friend Nigel Spencer - although in this blog I've tried to show different examples of fungi (to his blog) and some of these are just a mere walk from my front door.

The two together (above) were photographed when I spent the week in the Yorkshire Dales with family. The weather for most part of the week was sunny but there was still some Autumn colour left.

A few shots from various areas within the Yorkshire Dales are shown below. Some of my favorite shots from this visit to this wonderful place and a couple of new locations for me too.

So there you go a few photographs from England I've taken from this Autumn. Some of these photographs will make it through to my galleries on my website so keep your eyes open.

Thanks for viewing. Ian